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Our website is in Swedish. Are you looking for product information in English, please find it at the manufacturers websites. If you need any assistance, feel free to contact us thropugh the form below.

Our business idea

Our business idea is to distribute and sell products and solutions from international leading brands within power producs, monitoring- and control systems and safety products to B2B-customer in the marine, vehicle and on/off-grid markets in Nothern Europe.

Our products

Our product range is categorized into four main categories:

  • Power products (batteries, installation materials, chargers, solar products, generators etc.)
  • Digital switching (products and solutions)
  • Monitoring- and control systems (vessel and monitoring systems, sensors, displays, NMEA 2000-products etc.)
  • Safety (AIS-products, thermal cameras, personal rescue devices, GMDSS-products etc.)

Our brands

We represent brands with innovative products and they are often the market leader. The products are made with the highest quallity which is a security both for us and our customers.

Project management

Besides delivering products, we also offer solutions to boat manufacturers where we manage, delivers and coordinate everything within electricity and montoring systems, including making of drawings, schemes and other documentation. We integrate products from several vendors to a complete solution, and make sure everything works fine.


We train and certify installers and other professionals in NMEA 200 on behalf of NMEA (National Maritime Electronics Association). We also train our customers in product- and sales knowledge and conducts installation trainings.


We are members of  NMEA.


The crew

At Odelco, we have long experience of technology and boats in order to be able to provide as good support as possible. Our mission is to help and find innovative solutions that simplifies the usage. This is the crew at Odelco:

, sales manager
, sales, project management and technical support power products

, inside sales and technical support
, sales
, purchasing manager

Our address and contact details

Odelco AB
Missionsvägen 77
SE-163 77 Bromma

+46 8 718 03 00

Our warehouse is located at MTAB Sverige AB.

Odelco AB
c/o MTAB Sverige AB
Elektronikhöjden 22
SE-175 43 Järfälla






Bank: SEB, Nacka Forum, SE-106 40 Stockholm
Bankgiro: 740-1409
IBAN: SE09 5000 0000 0525 7102 8413
SWISH: 123 264 8046


Odelco AB started in the 1980s focusing on electricity and electronics. At 1985 we started to manufacture the first battery meter on the Swedish market, and we have been number one since then. There are many boats who have control of their batteries thanks to a Batt-Meter!

Over the years, the portfolio have increased within electricity and installation material from wellknown brands such as Victron Energy, Blue Sea Systems, Paguro, - just to name a few.

The year 2016, Odelco AB merged with Marinplus AB, thereby becoming the first and only distributor that can offer a complete range of products and solutions for power supply, modern electrical systems, rescue and security systems. Odelco AB moved from Saltsjöbaden to our premises in Bromma.

Marinplus AB started in 2006 with a focus on distribution and sales of advanced navigation, monitoring and security systems. Over the years, the number of brands have been expanded with products from Maretron, FLIR, EmpirBus, Ocean Signal, Actisense and Murphy - to name a few.

Marinplus AB was the first company in Europe to be NMEA 2000-certified, and conducts NMEA 2000-certification trainings on behalf of the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) to the marine industry.

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